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Support Worker Timetabling

The StudentRelate Support Worker Timetabling module saves administration staff time on the complex task of assigning appropriately skilled people to support students in each lecture. It is scalable and can make team working a possibility in managing larger numbers of support workers (savings increase with numbers of support workers exceeding 30).    

Managing the appointments for support workers is handled differently in each university. The simplest approach is to arrange personal introductions between a student and a selected support worker. The students then manage their own appointments without any further involvement of Student Services staff.  For many, this arrangement lacks rigor and discipline, and may result in missed appointments which could be avoided if administrative staff were managing all appointments directly.

There is anecdotal evidence that classroom defaults are the most significant cause of complaints against  Student Services, some leading to litigation. There is also the problem of working hours being exceeded if there is no control and no visibility of day-to-day agreements being established and changed. The StudentRelate system is designed for situations where there is an agreed policy of managing each support session, controlling budgets, and recovering costs from funders.

Student Lecture Timetables

 Support Worker Timetables of Availability

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 Selection and Assignment of Support Appointments

Benefits of Managed Appointments Database

Where this task is manual it and there are fewer than 30 support workers, staff report that they can cope with timetables, availability and communications to confirm arrangements. Using a large paper sheet is reported to be adequate. (this implies management of about 6750 appointments for each term.)

There are exceptionally clever and hardworking individuals who have been able to handle over 50 support workers but with some difficulty (implied number of appointments is 11250). Many institutions with this scale of problem begin to think about adding a second staff member or attempting to use a large Excel spreadsheet approach. 

StudentRelate Support Worker Timetabling has the tools for managing the input of basic data, saving days of staff time.  With assignment procedures and full-term assignment tools the workload is considerably reduced. With trained users it is also possible for several workers to share the responsibilities and make alterations when students change courses. This approach is scalable.

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