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Next Generation Video Interviewing

The Monjin video interviewing service is designed to support enrollment growth by enhancing key areas of:


Video Interviewing

The monjin cloud interviewing service allows interviewer and interviewee to interact over the web simplifying appointment booking. Interview videos are held in a secure cloud database with password access controls so only authorised staff can replay and review results.


How does it work?

Interview videos can be replayed as necessary and assessed by several staff members at times of their choosing. Their collaborative assessments can be more insightful than simple face-to-face encounters, CV’s or paper questionnaires.


Service Options

A simpler ‘one-way’ interview format is available, based on a screen-displayed questionnaire. The video shows a recording of a candidate responding in their own time. Very large numbers of interviews can be captured without drawing on staff resource. Assessments can be done later and by more than one assessor if necessary.


Interviewer Resource

If staff interviewing resources are limited, professionally qualified interviewers are available from the international monjin Accredited Interviewer Network for ‘two-way’ interviews. Experienced professional assessors are also available as part of the service. For special subject content (e.g. a candidate hoping to study a language) an appropriately skilled interviewer would be selected.


Discover the Potential

Sign up to do a pilot deployment. In the hands of appropriately skilled pathfinder staff in one area you will discover how to how to use the interview platform resource to best effect. We will then meet with you to discuss deployment to other areas.



Enrollment Growth

With a falling birth rate and tougher economic conditions ahead, higher education institutions are under pressure. Experts are predicting falling enrollments overall, and there will be winners and losers in the process. In a recent London HE conference it was agreed that success in the above three areas that assure growth will be critical for at least 5 years.

Student Recruitment-
Interviewing online makes better use of staff resources. A database of candidates can be shared with faculty staff vetting suitable candidates who may be offered places. Both domestic and international student recruitment efforts can be hugely leveraged, diminishing geography and time constraints.

Student Retention-
Early capture and understanding of student anxieties could be enhanced if Student Services and teaching staff were allowed to share interviews with students at risk. More detailed analysis of leaving interviews is more effective as a video than any tick-box assessment questionnaire. New insights could also lead to greater retention success.

Student Employability-
Training in interviewing skills enhances confidence. Rehearsed handling of CV items and typical interview questions, improves fluency and employability success. Inexpensive repeat interview videos easily help with progress assessment. Experienced staff discuss videos as a basis for skills development coaching.

Proactive Employer Relationships-
Prospective employers can now be offered access to video interviews to speed up and simplify the candidate selection process. Makes better use of employers’ HR resources than booking student interview visits, while reinforcing the image of professionalism projected by the Placement Service. The Monjin Employment Network connections ( can also expand the options available through the university's placement service.


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