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Maximizer CRM 2018

Maximum Flexibility

The choice is yours – Maximizer CRM 2018 can be deployed in our cloud or your cloud. Choose your cloud and still have the freedom to keep your data on-premise.

Maximizer CRM 2018 also has a configurable, web-based interface that has been streamlined to allow users to easily handle large amounts of data with minimum clicks.

Business Insight

Maximizer CRM 2018 dashboards easily surface critical information, identify trends and drive better decision making. Drill down to find opportunities for growth and pinpoint efficiency gains.

When you analyze data, do you export it to Excel and then build reports? This time consuming, repetitive process is now a thing of the past. Maximizer CRM 2018 comes with pre-built Excel reports for contacts, customer service, opportunities, and marketing campaigns, plus you can create new reports and customize them to suit your exact needs.

Multi-Level Security

Our cloud customers can rest assured that their information is stored in a data center with world-class reliability and security. Maximizer undergoes comprehensive penetration testing with each major release to ensure our solutions meet stringent security standards.

The new auditing module provides detailed information about data changes to help track internal security breaches and intrusions. Auditing creates a trail of information over time, showing what changes have been made, when, and by whom.

Maximizer CRM 2018 also has built-in anti-spam functionality that supports your organization’s email management policies by helping you adhere to increasingly stringent anti-spam legislation.

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