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Clinic Management Module

The basic management of meetings between students, advisers or counselors and room bookings is a difficult administrative chore for most student services teams. There are often not enough meeting places to accommodate the need for large numbers of 1-2-1 meetings.


Room Bookings Database

Finding a room that can be assigned to a particular student and advisor for the whole term is even more difficult. When a room is no longer required, administrative staff need to be able to re-assign it for other meetings. A paper-based room booking system has serious inadequacies, and when locations are dispersed, paper solutions waste a great deal of time. The StudentRelate Clinic Management module maintains a bookings database from which it is possible to print full term bookings sheets for each room, full term appointment details for each counselor, and a consolidated classroom and counselor appointment summary for each student. This can be printed in 'timetable format' or e-mailed. Updates can be re-issued daily if necessary with very little effort as soon as the day's cancellations and amendments are entered.

Drop-in Clinic Receptionist's Workstation

There is also a receptionist's booking view for use in an appointment centre (eg a one-stop 'front of house' booking location) when operating 'drop-in' clinics. When the receptionist makes the booking the counselor can access the student's support record and prepare for the meeting. Notes entered on the StudentRelate system can be subject to secure visibility controls. This can be delivered as a thin client application to any network location without the need to install software.   

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