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Asset Record Module

StudentRelate offers an optional add-on software module to help staff manage equipment on loan to students. This was originally designed for managing PCs/printers that were on loan. Each item has its own 'record card' holding details of the equipment. This might include serial numbers, specification details, purchase price, maintenance due, recall dates, etc. 

Asset records are linked to student records so that searches on equipment can be used to create lists of students affected (eg all student with brand xx laptops 'please return for an upgrade'). There is a reporting facility for helping staff prepare lists of equipment and values. Also it is possible to search and list asset items by return date and use this to send out reminder letters. Additional asset record facilities can be constructed as required.

Asset records for equipment returned or available to be sent out on loan to other students can be searched to locate the right machine from the 'stock room'. The StudentRelate Asset Record Module can be extended to deal with maintenance of assets, Service contracts, and contacts with authorized maintainers.

Many institutions have this problem and solve it using Excel. Some have even had special purpose systems written in ACCESS.  Although this solves part of the information management problem it does not link to the service delivery records and other student communications history and possibly disability details. These solutions may be better than paper but they do not make good use of staff time. DIY Excel/ACCESS systems also need to be maintained by a staff member or external IT resource, increasing the annual cost to the department. What initially appears to be a prudent, even frugal approach turns out to cost more than doing the task professionally.

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