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StudentRelate for IT Resource Managers

A StudentRelate consultant will work with all the relevant staff at your organisation to ensure the project runs smoothly and the student support software does what you need it to.

We work very closely with IT management so that appropriate data centre resources are put in place and the timing of this work fits in with their workload, causing minimal disruption. We will also help you organise the ongoing support resource needed for StudentRelate. The staffing required is minimal compared to many applications and we will help you train the relevant staff.  

System Architecture

The core module is Maximizer which is a global leader in full-spectrum CRM packaged software. With over a million users worldwide it is a popular choice because of how quickly it can be up and running, its flexibility and its cost-effectiveness.

The database engine is Microsoft SQL Server. There are very powerful integration tools available as required.  SQL housekeeping is absolutely minimal

Each student record on the system contains several different types of data. Basic data as maintained in the main registry system is downloaded daily using the StudentRelate data feed module.


On the Maximizer student record card the registry data is brought together with service department data. Service data is entered by staff and has its own visibility controls to comply with Data Protection legislation. Staff can add additional fields easily. 

The student relationship history consists of documents (Word, Excel, Outlook emails) and notes of interactions (phone calls, records of letters sent etc.) Managing this data flexibly and complying with departmental management rules is easy and straightforward with facilities which are standard in Maximizer and the one-click movement of emails to the student's record means that the audit trail is maintained with a minimum of effort on the part of staff. 

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