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Service Management CRM for IT Resource Managers

StudentRelate is a customized service management CRM application. It offers Student Services Management and ICT Resource Management a system solution that is both rapid deployment and rapid payback; and with a scalable SQL Server database it requires little ongoing IT support resource. When your users need the best possible tools to deliver world class services to your students, StudentRelate provides everything they need; and it's a safe investment.

It has been in use successfully for 20 years and is now in 20 universities in the UK. StudentRelate uses the relationship management system as its customization platform has undergone over 20 years of development and evolution based on the good ideas being fed back by users in 120,000 organisations world wide. Maximizer has been designed as a 'full-spectrum' CRM system and JI Software has been helping people to use it effectively since 1990.  JI Software selected Maximizer to be 'the CRM heart' of StudentRelate because:

There are many systems sold as 'CRM', and Maximizer is in the top ten and number one in its class. These top products are very different one from another; the CRM label does not mean that products are functionally similar. There are also many CRM systems designed for a prime purpose like accounting, manufacturing, recruitment or in the case of universities, registry database and they have add-on modules described as 'CRM'. These are generally designed for viewing customer data, but lack many of the features of full CRM systems like Maximizer.

JI Software's design decision enables StudentRelate to meet the needs of Student Services staff. It delivers the substantial benefits of service processes, paper reduction, increased staff efficiency, team working, task delegation, casework management, service relationship management, workflow, management of external suppliers relationships. StudentRelate works as value-added database using daily updated student data from any registry system and adding to it service data and non-student relationship management with external suppliers to produce a complete working environment.

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