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Customisation for Each Service Area

Service delivery and relationship management


All teams with access to StudentRelate use the everyday out-of the-box features of Maximizer CRM to do much of their work. Administrative processes unique to each service delivery remit are created at the time of system deployment and reflect the ways of working established by current staff in post. For some processes there are special purpose StudentRleate modules. For standard relationship management items like making phone calls, recording notes, case work, security/confidentiality, sending and receiving e-mails the package is standard across all types of service and indeed office workers in commercial organisations. Student records are updated daily from the main registry database using the proprietary StudentRelate data feed module.

Support for administrative and team working (to-do items, delegations, diary/appointments, letters, labels etc.) is based on a user interface design which is easy to use, intuitive, and robust; it has been receiving design improvements for 25 years and new ideas about how to do office work more efficiently are being built in annually. Ideas are channeled to the developers from over 1 million users in 120,000 organisations around the world, all dedicated to working better and smarter and with fewer menus and mouse clicks. Unique to the StudentRelate approach is the creation of processes using data-driven customizations and 'drag and drop' simplicity. You specify the process, the StudentRelate project consultant creates the customizations with you and afterwards you are taught the skills to modify the processes or create new ones. It's simple and cost effective, and when you work in an academic environment where the processes are continuously evolving, it's good not to have to depend on programmers.



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