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Reduce Legal Risks and Overheads

StudentRelate student support software provides financial benefits as well as peace of mind and boosted morale.

The system pays for itself

Replacing the paper administration systems in your student services department with StudentRelate support software will usually be so effective that it will have paid for itself, through increased productivity and less wasted time, within 12 months of the system being fully operational.

The time savings alone which StudentRelate brings are significant. Maintaining paper-based student files means placing a call note slip in the file following each call. A trip to the filing cabinet can take ten minutes or more. Because StudentRelate support systems are computer-based, the call need only take three minutes and the member of staff can move straight onto the next task.

In addition, creating a management report based on paper files often means taking hundreds of files out of filing cabinets and physically counting numbers of students in each group. StudentRelate systems can produce in-depth reports and at-a-glance figures in minutes.

Implementing StudentRelate can be like adding an extra member to the team. In times when budgets are tight and extra staff just can't be justified financially, the StudentRelate project can help you work smarter and deliver better quality services with the same level of staff, even when disability student numbers are on the increase. 

Reduced risk

StudentRelate student support systems also reduce numerous risks, giving you, your staff and the students peace of mind.

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