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How Does a StudentRelate Project Work?

StudentRelate is different from other software applications which are supposed to help Student Services staff work more efficiently and deliver better service. Its unique benefits are:

Staff involvement

We believe passionately that administrative staff must own the system from the outset and participate in the development of it. Before StudentRelate is implemented, staff who understand students' needs and the unique way the current team works will be consulted about what is needed from the student support software. As needs change, we continue working with staff to make sure the system continues to meet needs.


Our consultants are experts in student services and the support systems that help them. With 16 universities and one Access Centre using our systems, we have developed an in-depth understanding of what works and what doesn't. We can give informed advice and guidance and tailor what we already know works to meet your needs.

We believe projects fail when software experts impose rigid, outdated ideas, focused on accepted theories of IT, business, CRM and processes. Our approach is informed by all these things, yet is still totally flexible because we know that every student services team is unique.

The step-by-step prototyping method

The step-by-step method of prototyping and improving based on real data means that you and your team have a chance to review and modify each part of the system until it's just right. If a process works we keep it; if it's not quite right we change it until it does. 

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