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Delivering Service Excellence

Using the StudentRelate service management system will enable you to deliver first class services to students in a timely and efficient way.

Delivering services to students starts with motivated staff and a whole ethos which puts the students' needs at the centre of the team's thinking. Most student services departments have this sort of dedication and focus on achievement. Poor administration systems, however, can stop them from being able to achieve their full potential, which can itself result in de-motivated staff. StudentRelate is designed to change all that. 

Developing and maintaining high satisfaction in student service relationships is based on care and personal interaction. StudentRelate is designed to support staff in engaging with students and reassuring them that someone is there to listen.

Each institution's tailored system is designed with input from the people who will be using it so it can be customised to support the way you want your student services to run. With a skilled Application Administrator your team becomes self-sufficient in setting up and maintaining processes.

StudentRelate  will help you and your staff:

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