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About StudentRelate

Our history

We have been helping HE and FE staff to work more efficiently and reduce their administration overheads since 1995. Our systems were originally focused on disability and dyslexia services but since 1999 we have broadened them out so that all students and student services staff can benefit. Our Maximizer customised implementations follow LEAN principles. StudentRelate is in daily use helping staff in 20 universities manage services delivered to students.

Ways to Use StudentRelate

These are some of the key functions of StudentRelate:

StudentRelate is different from other types of service/CRM system

StudentRelate has an easy-to-use screen interface based on 25+ years of listening to people describe how they work with relationship and service information and building in the facilities they need. Users say it's 'intuitive'. The interface has all the functions that people need and they are optimised for minimum mouse clicks. Unlike process-based systems there are fewer screen views and staff feel less 'constrained'. It is also a faster way of working for highly motivated and trained staff.

StudentRelate/Maximizer has customisable processes. They are designed to support staff rather than act as a straight-jacket. Staff are given freedom to act, scope to exercise judgement, and support in gaining quick access to necessary information. They are empowered to act in the best interests of the students they serve. Power Users can acquire the skills needed to create new processes and reports, making the department self-sufficient and minimising demands on IT services. Overall cost of ownership is therfore many times less expensive than heavyweight CRM's which are dependent on business process analysts and bespoke software programmers. The StudentRelate customisations are LEAN and 'Agile'.


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