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We provide customised relationship database (CRM) systems  in HE and FE institutions. Our rapid-implementation student services solutions are based on Maximizer CRM, currently the global 'Number One' in its class. Key relationship types for students and other stakeholders all have cost-effective solutions. This enables staff to work to the highest standards and manage the related administration much more effectively.


Latest News

Student Retention

Leaving interviews may deliver better understanding of departure issues and interview videos certainly are capable of containing more human insights than paper forms or questionnaire databases. Video...

Employability Support

Students can learn video interview skills, create new style profile CV's in personal video format suitable to send potential employers. Platform uses globally-accepted technology from Monjin...

Benefits - Case Studies

Huge Service improvement from Student Disability CRM system

We had been using Manual paper systems for years, just like everyone else. We heard at a conference of the National Association of Disability Practitioners ( that we could give...

Student Disability CRM systems: DIY approach wastes money

Building an IT system in-house always seems like a good way to save money. After trying ACCESS and having graduate students and consultants attempt to get it right we had to admit that the result...