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Welcome to StudentRelate

We provide customised relationship database (CRM) systems  in HE and FE institutions. Our rapid-implementation student services solutions are based on Maximizer CRM, currently the global 'Number One' in its class. Key relationship types for students and other stakeholders all have cost-effective solutions. This enables staff to work to the highest standards and manage the related administration much more effectively.

Latest News

StudentRelate Secure Architecture with Integration

Technical Subject: Avoiding the punitive risks of single student database architecture. The student journey needs a 360 degree view of the student to be available to all staff who provide ...

Enhanced Classroom Support Worker Management Module

Whole term to view graphic saves time. When selecting a support worker for a student's need against a set of lectures for the term it is now possible to see the whole term's pattern of allocations in...

Benefits - Case Studies

Huge Service improvement from Student Disability CRM system

We had been using Manual paper systems for years, just like everyone else. We heard at a conference of the National Association of Disability Practitioners ( that we could give...

Student Disability CRM systems: DIY approach wastes money

Building an IT system in-house always seems like a good way to save money. After trying ACCESS and having graduate students and consultants attempt to get it right we had to admit that the result...